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Wadesboro High School History

YOU AIN'T GONNA BELIEVE THIS: With no previous interest, and having never given
it thought, your editor, R. J. Rogers, would have assumed high school students used the old 
elementary building prior to the WHS building being built in 1922.

WRONG!  Clear, good size, 1913 photos and documented writings recently found, show a 
Wadesboro High School building pictured separately, on the right side, BEHIND the old 
elementary building!  This building appears to be less than one-third the size of the old
elementary building, 4 windows on each of 2 front stories/floors, looks to be no larger than 
a good size home, and has a covered walkway.  I have been unable to confirm when this
building was built or destroyed.  Regardless, this documented evidence indicates this 
building was probably the FIRST named WHS.  And, I have *not* found any mentions at 
all in various Anson County books; history is lacking.
WORSE!  A couple of years ago I was shocked to learn there are folks living in/around 
W'boro who do not know that ANY WHS ever existed!  I'm not a history buff, often find it 
dry or boring, understand some researchers necessarily leave vague entries, etc., and I offer
due respect to those such as Mary Medley's 1750-1976 History of Anson County, and 
books by others.

For some time now, with the help of a few WHSers, I've been writing documented info that 
is INTERESTING to me, along with a few ad lib's, on white Wadesboro City Schools 
through 1967, end of WHS.  I am determined to finish this, will donate it to the W'boro 
Library and Historical Society if they want it, and will share INTERESTING "nuggets" in 
our Newsletter.  It's a rotten shame a considerable amount of WHS history has already been 
lost forever.  "What is sentiment for one generation is the stuff of history and art for the

Unfortunately, most of the collection of yearbooks was destroyed when W'boro Middle 
School burned in 1981. Yearbooks for WHS are *not* available at the W'boro Library or 
Anson Board of Education, and, yes, most M&I/Anson Record microfilm at the Library has 
been reviewed. As a matter of info, the first yearbook is believed to be 1922 and the name 
was "La Vie", followed in 1935 by "Roines", (Senior reverse spelling), and then "Hi-Ways" 
1937. "Hi-Ways" became "Tiger Tales" in 1960.  Other possible sources are "High School 
Opinion", believed to be the first student newspaper 1924, "The Student Prints" 1927 thru 
1967, and "The WHS Magazine" early 1900's. 

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Clif Harkey