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47 matches found

Name City State
Marvin Coble
Carolyn Chewning
Frank Clarke
Barbara Caulder
Grady Carter
Johnny Coley
Jack Chewning (died 8/24/09)
Paul Childs
Elwyn Carter
Martha Crawford (Died 11/1/11)
George Childs
Herbert Coble
Beatrice Cranford
Beverly Chewning
Mary Jane Carter
Corneille Caraway
Elizabeth Chewning
Lamar Caudle
Barbara Covington
Esther Ruth Covington (Died 2/3/12)
Leon Cole
Richard Sheffield Covington
Harold Cockman
Cherie Covington (Died 3/14/12)
Bobby Clarke
Ruth Coble
Claudia Covington (died 3/4/10)
Wade M. Childs, Jr.
Louise Covington
Joyce Cook (died 2/26/09)
Agnes Crawford (Died 10/27/10)
Benjamin Covington (Died 11/23/10)
Mary Elinor Covington (died 9/6/12)
Baxter Coggin
Herbert "Hook" Coggin (Died 1/11/10)
Donnie Cook (Died 12/31/11)
Richard S. Clark
John S. Clark
Carolyn Carpenter
Vernon Carpenter
Eleanor Grace Currie
Harry G. Clark
Eloise Covington
Betty Lou Crawford
Ann Covington
Judy Covington
Mary Jane Crider Rockingham North Carolina