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28 matches found

Name City State
Carole Gray (Died 8/7/11)
Billie Jean Greene (Died 3/10/11)
Doris Gulledge
Kathryn Griggs
Mary Gathings (Died 7/29/12)
Frank Gaddy
Clyde 'Bill' Graves, Jr.
Donald Gray
Jack Gilmore
Allan Griggs, II
C. B. 'Nub' Gray
Robert Fredrick Gray (died 3/20/13)
Patsy Goodwin
Charles Gregory
David Gilmore (died 2/4/10)
Robert F. "Lightning" Gaddy
Betty Ruth Gaddy
John E. Gray, III
Charles Gathings
Emma Gathings
Phillip Garriss
David Grant
Holmes Gray
Cornellis Griggs
Christine Gray
Henry "H. B." Griggs, Jr.
Edgar Gathings
Donald Ernest Gulledge (Died 8/20/10)