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46 matches found

Name City State
Rebecca Marsh (Died 11/25/11)
Joan Moore
Tommy Morris
Brent Mudd
Vivian Moore
Jay Mills (died 5/11/13)
John Muldrow (Died 11/28/11)
Sarah McDonald
Allen Molaro (died 7/19/10)
Ruby Vonnette Melton
Robert McLaurin
Fred Lee Moore (Died 1/7/12)
Nell McIntosh
Fred M Mills, Jr
Rose Marsh
Walter Mitchell
Robert Flake Marsh (Died 8/6/10)
Louise Moore
Elisha Marsh
Nancy Morrison
Linda McKinney
Margaret McRae
Peggy Mayhew (died 4/25/12)
Carol Milks (Died 2/19/13
H. M. Maples
Hugh McLaurin
Myrtle McLendon
Mert Mills
Andy Morris
Shirley Meeks
Charles McIntyre
Betty Marsh (Died 6/22/13
Joe Bennett McLaurin
Sammy McLendon
James Matheson
Marion Marsh
Betty Myers
John William 'J. W.' Meeks
Corrine McQuague
Harold Moore
Wayne Martin
Fred Mangum
Walter Mangum
Harry "Coot" May
Mary Ann Martin
Jack Mangum (Died 5/23/2010)